More Screens Team

Our goal is to become the leading company in the region regarding personal and professional team development. We are sure to be able to bring the best out of you by providing you with an environment that breeds talent and encourages high-quality performance. We make you build yourself a rock-solid foundation for creating quality solutions by gaining critical experience through work on different exciting and challenging projects. We maintain a workplace culture of mutual respect between science, engineering, technology as well as the management. More Screens team has a strong devotion for innovating solutions and a track record of proven results. People at More Screens are both thinkers and doers. Even with their different backgrounds and different key capabilities, they share the same commitment and professionalism towards resolving the simple and the complex commitments at work. Teamwork is the crucial factor for More Screens’ business success.

Career Opportunity

More Screens invests in employees to develop based on their particular talent. Everyone in the team gets the opportunity to develop industry leading skills in cutting edge technologies used in project deployments. We understand people’s desire to join a dynamic and innovative team, where their ideas are valued and their creativity is appreciated. We strongly believe that changing careers does not have to mean changing employers. Our HR investment policy includes some of the most innovative methods in the development processes. No matter what you do at More Screens, you will play a big part in shaping the future of multi-screen solutions.

We Offer

If you are a software developer with obtained degree, or you are still at the postgraduate level or even a creative individual still developing as a professional our company might just be the right place for you! We are offering permanent positions with competitive salaries. You get an opportunity for continuous learning, growth and development. You get complementary sports and social activities with other team members. Use the chance and join a dynamic and exciting team of professional engineers, to work on the latest cutting edge Multi-screen video solution and services. For more information please send in you CV and any other info about your qualities.