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about us
Today, no company can afford to ignore the explosive growth of e-bookings from travel agents and online websites around the world avoid the intense consumer demand for electronic hotel booking.

Triptoway is an online marketing and service company for hotels, flight, cruise, car rental worldwide. Our signature, high-tech, reservation systems have propelled our growth and success in this select market since 2012. The key to understanding triptoway is in the word “solutions.” Simply stated, we seek out the toughest challenges facing our industry, and then we solve them. We don’t see problems as obstacles, but rather as opportunities to capitalize on. It’s what led us to create the world’s first universal electronic reservations switch. All told, we serve a majority of the world’s travel agencies, plus more than 85,000 hotel properties around the globe. And as the largest third-party marketing and reservation provider in the world, all of our customers know they’re dealing with the undisputed leader and innovator in the business.

The influence of our technological advancements has been widespread making us one of the largest and most innovative hotel representative companies in this industry today. Based in New Delhi, India our company’s extended presence reaches throughout the world.

Our Mission

Provide a unique and complete resource package for our clients that are unmatched in the industry. Constantly evolve and develop the latest technology, improving accuracy, timeliness and access to information.

Continually create better solutions to industry challenges, allowing our member hotels and chains a competitive advantage. Support our entire range of clients and meet their varying needs with satisfaction.

Operate as an innovative company, producing both high quality and timely results. Exemplify the Motto… "Your smart travel is our commitment."

  • Triptoway was established in 2012 in New Delhi, India
  • Our clientele has grown in size from 1 hotel to over 85,000 hotels worldwide.
  • We have gone from manual connectivity to seamless integration and Next Generation.
  • We have developed an interactive internet site to facilitate additional services.
  • With the development of our innovative technological systems and solutions we have become the industry’s leader in reservation technology today.
  • We have developed and are continuing to develop marketing tools that improve member hotel’s exposure, accessibility, brand awareness, resulting in hotel occupancy and increased revenue.
  • Assist our existing clientele to increase revenue
  • To develop additional state of the art automation/reservation technology
  • To empower hotels to bid on the consortia market
  • To make it even easier for our hotels to utilize the latest technology by advancing our website and creating interactive training tools for software usage.
  • To open our reservation call center for anytime access, including technological support, 24X7.